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Implant Dentistry

Slaton Implant Dentistry - Single & Multiple Mini Dental Implants

At our Slaton dental practice, we offer a variety of solutions to your toothache needs. At times this pain can just be a minor issue, however, toothaches can be a sign of decay and might lead to a more comprehensive and long-lasting solution. Implant dentistry is a great way to restore the normalcy to your mouth by rectifying the problem entirely. Donna Winchester, DDS and her professional medical staff offer 3M™ mini dental implants for a more comfortable and cost effective method of bringing you a beautiful and healthy smile.

3D render of dental implants

What Are Implants?

Implants are a great way to restore a tooth through extraction and implantation of a screw with a tooth-like implant crown. By replacing missing or damaged teeth with a biocompatible screw and tooth-colored crown, patients enjoy restored oral health and aesthetics. Our priority is to provide patients with a new, healthy smile through comfortable, personalized mini dental implant solutions.

At our Slaton dental practice, we offer mini dental implant restorations to renew and restore the longevity of your smile without the invasive surgery and pain of traditional implants. We offer 3M™ mini implants for a non-invasive and gentler option than the traditional full implants when aiding in supporting dentures. These mini implants are a great alternative to a more comfortable denture. They work to stabilize the denture for a more fitted and lasting smile.

Do I Need Mini Implants?

Mini dental implants are essential to patients who want support for their preexisting restorations. We utilize 3M™ mini dental implants for all our restorations for long lasting quality and stabilization. Some other advantages include:

  • Better speech
  • Comfortable chewing and biting
  • Firmer denture fit

At Donna Winchester, DDS, we specialize in the restoration of mini implants and work with local labs for our dentures and bridges. Mini dental implants result in a permanent fixture with quick treatment time that allows you to smile with ease by using 3M™ mini dental implants for a minimally invasive and immediate stabilization for loose dentures. Donna Winchester, DDS, ensures a comfortable restoration with efficient and effective results for all of her mini dental implant restorations.

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Dr. Winchester and her team are committed to creating smiles that leave patients with lasting confidence and improved dental health. If you feel a large amount of tooth pain, visit your Slaton, TX dentist to give you a comfortable, healthy solution for long lasting results. If you have any questions about mini dental implants, and how they can change the feel of your dentures, or solutions to tooth ache, contact our dental practice today!


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